Jon Rooke - Archer

The historical John Rook was an archer who served in the Army of Henry V under the command of Sir Ralph Shirley, his name appears in the historical rolls and his service extends to the Normandy Garrison of 1417 so it is safe to consider that he was in the Army that fought at Azincourt. The modern Jon Rooke is also an archer, although less successful that his forebear, he can be described as an adequate archer and can be found at the archery butts, mounting guard to ensure no-one steals the castle or ensuring the moat remains undrunk. At times petty thievery takes the better of him and he can be found in the stocks, usually proclaiming his innocence. He is fond of ale and wine which may at times affect his performance. He has amassed a collection of trophies from his exploits .... it may be better not to ask how.