Sir Hugo First

Born in 1371 in South Cornwall, I am the fictional favourite of Sir John Cornwall. Cornwall went on to become 1st baron Fanhope and Milbroke, and Knight of the Garter, and there was never a time when I wouldn't have willingly laid down my life for him. At his side, we fought for Richard ii in Scotland; Lancaster at Brittany; Henry iv against Owain Glyndwr and Henry v and vi in the hundred years war. My most notable achievement was supporting Cornwall in leading the English vanguard to victory at Azincourt. I often rib Cornwall that he is only the success he is because of my support! My name (First) evolved as a jest from the fact that I am always first to his side!

Having spent my formative years with Cornwall, my position as his favourite was strengthened by his love of the tournament (the greatest test of a knight's skills and valour). I make no secret that my skills are second to none, and he would not have got a better sparring partner anywhere! My skills at battle are also not inconsiderable, and I will fight with anything that can kill or maim! As well as my sword, my particular favourite is my trusty pole-axe.

I am married to Lady Alicia (although I like to refer to her as Lisia). My wife brought considerable income to our marriage from the business she inherited from her first husband, a very successful spice merchant. I allow my wife to retain the spice business because I enjoy the income, connections and opportunities that it gives me, and it keeps her from meddling in more important aspects of my life! Of course, my wife isn't aware that she would have no business at all without the support I give her by providing some of the best of my men to escort and protect her (and of course, keep me informed!)